Just $80 for a FB Business page, and from $300 for a website

Ready for your own website or FB Business page...

feeling a little nervous?

but...not tech-savvy?



I understand small business because I've run my own for 20+ years... as well as being a web expert.
I'll make sure you feel comfortable
every step of the way!

What will I get?

We guarantee you all of the following::

Super fast site

You need your customers to be able to load your website FAST– no hanging around waiting, all  frustrated! Your new website will load in just a few seconds.


Automatically re-sizes

Your website will automatically resize beautifully to any device, from smartphone to tablet to desktop computer. Smart stuff!  So it’ll always deliver a great user experience. And — this also helps you remain on Google’s good side.



If not- no worries! We’ll gladly make sure you can make ALL basic changes to your website – included in the price!

Jean is passionate about computers, but she’s not like a geek, no worries. She’s got the expertise, that’s for sure, but she’ll walk you through it all in a friendly easy-to-understand way.


Get found by customers

SEO means “Search Engine Optimisation” – geek jargon simply meaning that we write your website code in a way that Google understands and appreciates. So this helps your site rank nearer the top of the list in those Google searches…  and potential customers will quickly find you!


Eye-catching design

Clever features such as moving backgrounds, pictures that zoom/enlarge as you move your mouse over them — lots of smart eye-catching features can be included. And of course your website will be unique to you!

Our FIXED pricing:

Your potential customers are all there waiting...

From a simple yet useful Facebook (or Neighbourly) business page, to a full-fledged e-commerce website...

I'll explain every step so you feel comfortable managing it for yourself from then on. Guaranteed no tech-talk or jargon to stress you out -- pain-free support!

Remember: Your satisfaction guaranteed.
FaceBook Business page
1-page simple website - LOW FIXED PRICE!
Website 5 PAGES!
Incl Contact Me form
incl ecommerce online shop

Samples of our work:

A random REVIEW from a client:

  • Jean helped us with our FaceBook issues. She is easy to deal with, has great communication skills and was very supportive of us and our Business. Thanks Jean

    Victoria EggersNelson Merino